Episode 24 – ECHONOOGA Debrief w/Brad Garmon

In this informal podcast episode, we are joined by Brad Garmon; Flight Medic, Educator, and overall good dude. Brad was our fellow “Sick Lung” clinical category presenter at the 2018 Every Coast Helicopter Operations (ECHO) annual conference. After the last day, we decided to grab dinner, a few beers, and chit chat about our overall impression of the conference. We touch on our individual presentations with an occasional tangent to finish up a weekend full of education, networking, and fish.


Topics of Discussion:

Conferences in Comparison

Upper GIB’s and Minnesota tubes

Coagulopathies and PCC’s

Critical Care Panel and MD Discretion

Ventilating the Obstructed Pt

Transporting Prone

…and everything in between!


E.C.H.O. was founded by operational flight programs to take advantage of joint training opportunities in a less formal environment at no/low cost. It was created and designed as a way to utilize the wealth of knowledge and experiences brought forth by individual flight programs and their crews. The training provides an opportunity for groups to discuss, brainstorm, and help resolve issues common to public safety and EMS flight programs.  These gatherings also provide flight crews the chance to share knowledge and gain insight from subject matter experts. Since then, ECHO has provided targeted training programs for tactical, search and rescue and air medical. 

Find out more at http://www.echoheliops.org/.

2 thoughts on “Episode 24 – ECHONOOGA Debrief w/Brad Garmon

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  1. Hello,

    Fantastic podcast.

    4F-PCC discussion as great. I think for HEMS PCC may benefit scene trauma patients with suspected CNS bleeding and elevated INR. It is something that we have been considering for our flight team.

    The discussion on scene time was great. If done right, critical care teams, bring definitive care for traumas (airway, blood, chest tubes and reduction) and ICU transfers. Rushing out the door too soon is counterproductive.

    All the best,


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