Episode 26 – Hard Headed w/Carlos Andino (AMTC18)

Protect your head! In this next AMTC18 Podcast Row episode, we are joined at our booth by Carlos Andino, Market Development Director at Paraclete Aviation Life Support. Tune in as we continue our discussion of helmet safety with an industry expert. We touch on commonly used materials, defining Military Standard (MIL-SPEC), Department of Defense (DoD) versus civilian testing, and other safety expectations that should be met…and aren’t being met.

For additional information on this topic, reference Episode 11 – Gearing Up for Transport w/Todd Hope and our “Skids Up” blog series authored by Chris Sharpe.




*Disclosure: Carlos was technically representing a company at AMTC, but we worked hard to make this episode unbiased. This is NOT a paid sponsorship.

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