Episode 30 – Breaking the Case: Nephro No!

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We are introducing a new podcast series that focuses purely on case studies. In this episode, Dan helps us analyze three examples of nephrology emergencies that we might encounter as emergency providers. They are reviewed sequentially based on level of complexity. Please let us know, if you enjoyed this new format, or how we can make it better for future episodes. For a PowerPoint copy of the case studies including lab values, click the link below. Also, listen until the very end for a special feature!


See our acid/base episode with Dan here.

*We are still working on improving Dan’s recording setup. Until that time, we apologize for the poor audio quality.


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  1. Hello. In regards to the first case presented here, two items that came up that I would like to ask a question to the group on. Numerous items already going on with this patient. To me, it sounded like a “hot” abdomen with a decent chance of emergent surgical event going on in addition to the hyperkalemia. His INR is way up, and his platelets are low. Does it make sense to ask the sending facility for Vitamin K or FFP in order to start reversing the abnormal INR/coagulation studies? Second item that I want to mention was this is a hypotensive patient with a presumed source of infection in his abdomen. No mention was made about initiating some type of antibiotic coverage. “Lot of fish to fry in this case”, and may not have enough time in transit to accomplish this. However, for those of us doing ground based transports, we “may” have enough time to consider/accomplish this? Thoughts? Any hints on recommended antibiotics for intra-abdominal infections?

    Thanks for the great show and the great cases.

  2. Great episode until the last two minutes. Really going to have to work on the old fashioned recipes. Obviously not from Kentucky. Great stuff though.

    1. Haha! We were actually born in Louisville hospitals. Besides Bryan liking his a little too sweet, our recipe isn’t far from the classic; only differences being simple syrup as opposed to muddled water/sugar and the addition of orange bitters.

  3. Dan’s recipe is the one mostly in question. Cherry liqueur is odd. The second recipe it was mostly mentioning VOB. An old fashioned requires a more sophisticated bourbon to be complete haha.

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