Episode 31 – The I in Team Safety

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Especially with recent events, safety is at the forefront of every flight clinician’s mind. How do we work together to make sure everyone goes home after every shift? Chris, our resident safety expert, joins us in a special podcast episode where we discuss a team approach to flight safety in addition to other timely concepts we should consider before, during, and after every transport.


What can we do as the aeromedical aviation community to improve things?

First, look at the statistics:

International Helicopter Safety Foundation (2016), though, any official sources are similar (i.e. FAA, FAAST)…

  • Violations: 33%
  • System Failure 22%
  • Other 7%

Biggest percentage of 38% is HUMAN error!

            Of that 38%…

  • 18.2% Misassessment of weather
  • 21% Flight below minimum safe altitude
  • 34.7% Inadequate pilot judgment 



Our deepest sympathies go out to the crew members of Survival Flight and Guardian Flight, and those they are survived by.





AC 135 14B


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