Episode 35 – Provider Zero w/Shane Turner (CAMP ECHO)

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How do you become an asset rather than a lability at work? In this podcast episode, we are joined by multi-keynote speaker Shane Turner to discuss the difference between an employee and a professional. We highlight topics such as work ethic and personal drive. We also bring out how to stay engaged, using past mistakes as present motivators, and how to fight negativity at the base level. We also give tips on how to bring up uncomfortable topics to infect others with positive change as ‘provider zero’.


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  1. Hello,

    Just listened to this podcast again.

    Tale home lesson:

    Teammate slack->You pick up slack so you don’t fail->Get progressivly more frustrated -> Explode one day like Dan’s wife and go Boone Docks Saints the offender.


    A. Nudge them back to their former glory.

    B. If A fails call them on issues immediatly to ensure stuff gets done.

    I am going to try this out.

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