Episode 42 – From Cockpit to Firepit (GEAR 2019)


With kick off our Guatemala Educational Aircrew Retreat (GEAR 2019) series with an open forum. Located at Guatemala’s aviation training center, we sat in a mock airplane, pulled out the lapel mics, and decided to discuss the broad topic of survival. The morning after our jungle excursion inspired a multitude of discussions ranging from fire to survival gear to everything in between.






Chris Gibson is an air crewman, critical care paramedic, and founder of Servicios Medicos SOS in Guatemala City, Guatemala. He is also the creator of the RED MED (Rescue, Expedition, and Disaster Medicine) course and podcast.


Jimmy McSparron is a rescue specialist/SAR tech, jungle survival expert, and Black Wolf Helicopters’ Senior Air Crewman. He has been featured on National Geographic in his country of Peru.

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