Episode 43 – Surviving Culture, Part 2 (GEAR 2019)

Part 1 is on our other podcast platform, After the Call.


In this podcast episode, we are again joined by survival experts Chris “Gibbo” Gibson and Jimmy “Jungle” McSparron to discuss the concept of tacticool. This common expression is regularly featured on social media when individuals inquire about various gear options for one’s person. We discuss the dangerous mindset surrounding this toxic ideal, highlighting the importance of factual preparedness. If you’re new or old to the industry, this episode is our reply.


Chris Gibson is an air crewman, critical care paramedic, and founder of Servicios Medicos SOS in Guatemala City, Guatemala. He is also the creator of the RED MED (Rescue, Expedition, and Disaster Medicine) course and podcast.


Jimmy McSparron is a rescue specialist/SAR tech, jungle survival expert, and Black Wolf Helicopters’ Senior Air Crewman. He has been featured on National Geographic in his country of Peru.

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