Episode 46 – The Stethoscope Replacement w/Dr. Cynthia Griffin

Making her second debut on the podcast, Dr. Cynthia Griffin joins us at AMTC19 to discuss the utility of ultrasound/POCUS. Cynthia presented on this topic and highlighted its indication when following your XABC’s (Hemorrhage, Airway, Breathing, Circulation) exam. Are you currently using ultrasound in your practice? If not, are you actively trying to convince your medical director to implement it? If so, you don’t want to miss this episode!

Check out Cynthia’s other guest appearance here!


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Society of Point of Care Ultrasound


Cynthia’s Twitter: @CMGrffn
Cynthia’s Email: CynthiaMGriffin@gmail.com

If you want to see Cynthia teach, check out the Dallas Cadaver Lab December 6th & 7th, 2019! You can find the link to the course here.

You can also find Cynthia’s blogs and vodcasts on FOAMfrat.

The diet/lifestyle change Cynthia is on is called OPTAvia. Her husband Mike did his own thing with calorie counting. If anyone is interested in what she did, she can hook them up with her coach.

Ketalaars R et al. ABCDE of prehospital ultrasonography: a narrative review. Crit Ultrasound J (2018) 10:17

Breitkreutz R et al. Focused Echocardiographic Evaluation in Life Support and Peri-resuscitation of emergency patients; a prospective trial. Resusc 81 (2010) 1527-1533

www.UltrasoundPodcast.com – Incredible US podcast with a fellowship and great conferences.
www.5minsonos.com – Great short ultrasound videos and tips / tricks to make you better. 
www.thePOCUSatlas.com – Free online atlas of images and US videos and gifs.
www.HIGHLANDULTRASOUND.com – Great site for performing US procedures.
www.ctcce.vcu.edu/html/ultrasound.html – Where Cynthia did her training in US in residency.
www.ultrasoundeducation.com – Great US videos.
www.emergencyultasound.com – Where Cynthia first learned about US in medical school.

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