Episode 68 – X-Ray Vision


Though we are not Radiologists, we constantly find ourselves needing to interpret basic chest x-rays. Whether it’s ETT placement or ARDS identification, it is important to know what you’re looking at. Join us for a visually-assisted podcast episode where our very own Intensivist and Medical Director, Dan Rauh, helps break down this seemingly overwhelming topic.


1. PA View Structures


2. ETT Placement


3. Pacemaker


4. ‘Ground Glass’ (ARDS/COVID-19)


5. Aspiration PNA


6. Pneumothorax


7. Right Massive Hemothorax


8. Pericardial Effusion


9. ‘Steeple Sign’ (Croup)


10a. ‘Thumb Print’ (Ischemic Colitis)


10b. ‘Thumb Print’ (Epiglottis)






Interpreting A Chest X-Ray


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