Episode 69 – Resisting Traumatic Arrest w/Dr. Amanda Humphries


Pre-hospital resuscitation of the traumatic arrest patient is controversial, to say the least. Some evidence has shown our efforts to be futile. But are the studies skewed by inappropriate management and our resistance to act? When do we intervene, and when do we not? And how can we help improve these poor mortality rates?

Join us as we discuss this important topic with Dr. Amanda Humphries, Flight Physician and EMS Fellow. We touch on determining medical versus traumatic arrest, prioritization of interventions, and special patient populations.


Dr. Amanda Humphries-Ventura is an EMS Fellow at the University of New Mexico. She completed Emergency Medical residency at the University of Cincinnati where she flew with University of Cincinnati Air Care for 4 years. She now flies with Lifeguard Air Emergency Services of the University of New Mexico. She is passionate about delivering hospital quality critical care in the field, prehospital research, and first responder stress and wellness. She is a native Cincinnatian currently enjoying the copious sunshine in the American Southwest.

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