Episode 81 – Thyroid Storm Chaser w/Chase Turner


Thyroid Storm and Thyrotoxicosis are often misdiagnosed due to presenting similarly to many other disease processes. How do we identify this condition? What are the standard treatment options? And how do we treat a patient who is refractory to conventional therapy? Joined by EM pharmacist, Chase Turner, we discuss all things hyperthyroidism in this podcast episode.


The 5 B’s of Treatment:

  1. Block Synthesis
  2. Block Release
  3. Block Conversion
  4. Beta-Blockers
  5. Block Enterohepatic Recirculation



Thyroid Physiology | Thyroid Function - MedSchool


Thyroid Storm: Early Management and Prevention | Clinician Reviews


Chase Turner is an Emergency Medicine Pharmacy Specialist and Residency Program Director at Clark Memorial Hospital in southern Indiana. After earning his PharmD at Sullivan University College of Pharmacy in 2018, he pursued his passion in emergency medicine. He trained at the University of Louisville Hospital with two years of residency specializing in emergency medicine, completing in 2020. His areas of interest include infectious disease, neurological disorders, toxicology, trauma, and endocrinology. He is extremely passionate about his work and believe Pharmacists located in the Emergency Department, in addition to all the advances other health care providers are making, is one position which is extremely progressive and helps the emergency department become a safer and more controlled environment. Areas where a pharmacist can have the biggest impact is in transitions of care for ED to ICU or to home, discharge education, and participation in the care of critically ill patients. In addition to patient care, the development and education of pharmacists to help progress the profession is something he continually strives to improve.




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