Episode 87 – The Lesser Evil Overdose w/Dr. Arne Skulberg


Which is the lesser evil, opioid or naloxone overdose? To avoid adverse effects, how should we be administering naloxone in the presence of opioid overdose? In this podcast episode, we are joined by Dr. Arne Skulberg, anesthesiologist and lead author, to discuss his recently published RCT comparing intranasal with intramuscular naloxone. We highlight naloxone dose discrepancies and the pitfalls surrounding intravenous administration of it.


Topics of discussion include:

  • Opioid overdose epidemiology and etiology
  • Caregiver’s role in dealing with the opioid overdose patient
  • Naloxone pharmacology and pharmacokinetics
  • Naloxone’s preferred route of administration (IN vs. IM vs. IV)
  • Naloxone’s role in cardiac arrest
  • Fentanyl-specific overdose and exposure myths




Photographer: Karl Jørgen Marthinsen/NTNU

Dr. Arne Skulberg

“After qualifying in medicine from The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland in 2006, I am now a specialist in anesthesiology, practicing in Oslo University Hospital, both inside the hospital and in a physician- manned ambulance. I have been researching intranasal naloxone for the last 9 years as part of Professor Ola Dales group at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) being awarded a Ph. D in clinical medicine in 2019. My interest in this field stems from a desire to bring together emergency medicine, pharmacology and social medicine in a way that may improve the care given to patients suffering opioid intoxications.  Our work has lead to the development of a nasal naloxone spray of 1.4 mg naloxone hydrochloride/ dose. As a conflict of interest I state that my employer may earn royalties from the sale of this nasal spray, but I have no personal gain, financial or in- kind, from any proceeds from the sales of any naloxone product.”


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