Episode 96 – Airway Management for Airheads w/Dr. Mario Rugna


Having an appropriate mindset is crucial when it comes to airway management, particularly in a prehospital and/or emergency setting. Whether it’s team dynamics or the tools at our disposal, we need to have a different outlook when it comes to addressing the A in ABC’s.

If you are looking for a comprehensive guide on how to RSI, this is not the episode for you. This is simply a table discussion about appropriate perspective.


REMEMBER: We are different.

CONSIDER: Indication, suitability, and feasibility.

DECREASE: Learning curve and complexity.


CLINICAL TARGETS: Oxygenation, ventilation, and protection.

TECHNICAL SKILLS: Endotracheal intubation, SGA, BVM, and Front of Neck Access (FONA).


Dr. Mario Rugna is an Italian-based Director of Education, HEMS physician with 10 years experience, rapid response car physician with 20 years experience, emergency medicine educator, and emergency medicine blog author.

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