Episode 101 – Anti-Antibiotics


Whether it’s antibiotic-resistant “super bugs” or administration prior to acquiring blood cultures, empirical use of antibiotics is controversial. Should we be administering antibiotics in the prehospital environment for open long bone fractures and/or sepsis? When are antibiotics truly indicated? And is that more important than the timing of the antibiotic itself? This podcast is not only “Antibiotics 101”, but we also address these important issues.


If Gram-Positive…

Think Staph and Strep.

Think Penicillin and Vancomycin.

Think Positive outcome.


If Gram-Negative…

Think everything else (e.g., Sepsis).

Think Cefepime and Zosyn.

Think Negative outcome.


Cefazolin (Kefzol or Ancef) for open long bone fractures.


Indications for prehospital antibiotics in sepsis:

  1. Likely source
  2. Hypotension
  3. Altered mental status



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