Episode 102 – Long and Short of Learning w/Will Wingfield


The medical industry puts great emphasis on formal education via university and other training programs. Due to financial incentive, these institutions often discourage independent learning despite it usually having a greater impact on patient care quality. For example, paramedics are often non-degree holders, yet they effectively practice medicine on a daily basis as a result of learning via unconventional methods (e.g., podcasts).

How much actual value is in formal education? Do we need a practitioner track for prehospital providers on the university level? And regardless of degree, how can we teach with the goal of long-term retention of information as opposed to simply passing an exam? Tune in to this podcast where we are joined by a pioneer in critical care transport education, Will Wingfield, to discuss.


Will Wingfield, MSNA, CRNA of The Res Q Shop is a nurse anesthetist who specializes in advanced physiological principles pertaining to critical care transport medicine. Prior to obtaining his CRNA in 2008, Will was a paramedic for nineteen years and a RN for sixteen years; fifteen of which were spent flying in the air medical industry. His includes pre-hospital/transport medicine, SAR, TEMS, and critical care nursing. As a pioneer in critical care transport education with a specific focus on exam prep, Will has trained hundreds of successful FP-C, CFRN, and CEN candidates.

The OG Test Prep Book

Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning, Peter Brown, Henry Reedier, Mark McDaniel, 2014

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