Episode 105 – 10 Things Your Emergency Physician Wants You to Know


Have you ever handed off to an ER doctor, and you felt they were displeased with your care? Have you ever received an order from an ER doctor, and you didn’t quite understand why? In this podcast episode, we continue our “10 Things” series with a focus on the emergency department. Our very own Dr. Amanda Humphries, Emergency Physician and Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine and Emergency Medical Services,  leads the discussion.

The List

  1. Don’t treat a BP number.
  2. A PPI drip is not needed. A bolus alone is the same efficacy as a drip plus a bolus.
  3. Ketamine is okay in head injured patients.
  4. Appropriately placed pelvic binders do not cause harm.
  5. Performing needle decompression does not buy you a chest tube.
  6. Very few people go direct to ANYWHERE. Don’t promise things to patients that you have no control over.
  7. Titrate Narcan to breathing, not puking.
  8. Take a minute to look around the scene and give the doctor the information.
  9. Every patient, and their family member, is always listening. Talk like it.
  10. If a vital sign is bad, assume it is real. Don’t assume your machine is wrong.

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