Volunteer Submissions

Job Description

Under the direction of Counselors, Volunteers have the responsibility to perform miscellaneous tasks at Crash and Learn. Volunteers are required to wear a branded t-shirt that designates them as official conference staff. (These will be provided free-of-charge.) Volunteers are responsible for paying for travel and expected to be available throughout the 4-day duration of the conference. Assigned duties will include but are not limited to:

  • Assembling and disassembling canopies and whiteboards
  • Carrying tables and chairs
  • Collecting and disposing of trash
  • Directing campers

Volunteers must be physically fit enough to perform the formally mentioned tasks. Volunteers must promote and maintain a safe learning environment in collaboration with others. Volunteers must be courteous and display professional behavior at all times.

If you can meet this criteria, please fill out all applicable fields below. If you are unable to provide a URL for your video, send attachment directly to contact@heavyliesthehelmet.com.

You will be contacted via email once your application is reviewed. A virtual interview will then be conducted to determine acceptance into the program. If selected, you will receive FREE admission to the conference which includes a swag bag, an area for your provided form of lodging, lunch and dinner on education days, and Continuing Education Hours. If you are unavailable or unwilling to perform a reasonable task or display unprofessional behavior at any time, you will be dismissed from the conference and will not receive credit for attendance.



Unisex T-Shirt Size(required)

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I understand that I am committing to work for free at Crash and Learn 2023 under the direction of Heavy Lies the Helmet team members.(required)

I understand that I am committing to be present at Crash and Learn 2023 throughout the duration of the conference. (required)

I understand that I can be dismissed from the conference without reason at any time and not receive credit for my attendance.(required)

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