Episode 61 – Down Under Dynamics w/Dr. Cliff Reid


Whether it’s in regard to scope of practice, clinical judgment, or professional communication, transport is a very dynamic environment. We had the privilege of welcoming the infamous Dr. Cliff Reid to the show to discuss his and Sydney HEMS’ approach to all of these areas. Tune in and learn how to be a high level transport provider from one of the best in our industry.

CUS Communication Tool:

C – Concerned

U – Uncomfortable

S – Safety issue


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Cliff Reid, MD is a Senior Staff Specialist in Emergency Medicine in Sydney, Australia. He worked as a specialist in intensive care medicine and emergency medicine in the United Kingdom before his wife forced him, kicking & screaming, to move Down Under to enjoy beautiful sunshine, beaches, and creatures that are determined to kill you. Cliff is passionate about getting resuscitation right regardless of age or location, which is why he has taking training posts in prehospital care, retrieval medicine, and neonatal & paediatric critical care in addition to his emergency and intensive care training. He has a special interest in the non-technical skills that facilitate effective resuscitation: control of the environment, of oneself, and of the team. He believes that the best resuscitation teams understand that they need to take care of themselves and each other first in order to work sustainably for the benefit of their patients, and insists that we share a responsibility to build a compassionate and supportive culture wherever we work.

Cliff currently has jobs in emergency medicine, prehospital & retrieval medicine, and intensive care, and so suffers from three times the amount of imposter syndrome as anyone else.

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