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These are NOT the trauma shears your company gives out for free.

The ONE SHEAR™ will exceed your needs with its high-quality Extreme Heavy Duty Steel™ and Diamond Coated (DLC) Blades.

With its best in the industry Extreme Heavy Duty Steel™ giving it a razor-sharp edge, best hardness in the industry, scratch resistance, far superior corrosion resistance, and amazing black finish.

This will truly be the ONE SHEAR™ You Will Ever Need!


Extreme Heavy Duty Steel™ Trauma Shear Built for Healthcare professionals, EMS, Paramedics, Nurses, Survivalist, Marine Utility, or any application where tough things need to be cut!

Features Premium Materials Far Superior to our competitors at a fantastic price point.

– Fits easily in most 5.11 or EMS style pants.

– Extreme Heavy Duty Steel™ is considered Super steel and one of the highest standards of steel in the industry.

– Razor Sharp edge with great edge retention.

– TSA Compliant blade length

– Micro Serrations for fine cutting and bulk cuts

– Black DLC Diamond Like Coating which is the hardest in the industry strengthens the steel, resists scratches from metal, and provides superior corrosion resistance.

– Our Blunt tip provides easy access to tough to cut areas without worrying about harming the patient

– Easy to clean shears as they have no silicone or bacteria-harboring elements.

– Easily adjusted tightness to your liking with our coin/ flathead bolt system.  Gone are the days of looking for torque keys or allen keys in the field.

– 2x as thick blades compared to traditional trauma shears

– Built-in oxygen key for easy access and multi-tool usage

– Matte Black G9 Nylon Gas-Filled Handles for textured feel and non-slip resistance.

– Auto Clavable

*Red and black handle color may be in reverse order from image.

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