Episode 83 – A Few Good Mentors w/Adam Tresidder & Shane Turner


If “you can’t handle the truth”, you can’t handle a mentor. Mentors come in the form of leaders, educators, guides, and advisors to help you with honest self-reflection in order to improve yourself and your practice. Join us from AMTC21 where we discuss the importance of this arrangement with our close friends and fellow mentors, Adam Tresidder and Shane Turner.



Learn more about AAMS’ Critical Care Transport Academy (CCTA) here.


Shane Turner, NRP, FPC: “This is my 18th year in healthcare, and I value nothing above my bedside manner and my never-ending pursuit of education. I call myself a life-long student of the craft and proudly acknowledge that the pile of things I do not know will always be bigger than the pile of things I do know. From the wide-eyed volunteer to the professional critical care provider I am today, I remind myself daily why I got into this profession and it is to help people; to help the patients we serve, to help the communities we live in and to help the other providers around us to be the best they can be. My goal is to be better on Friday than I was on Monday and to never forget why I do the work I do. I love watching my fellow providers progress, seeing things “click” when educating, and knowing that I give up my right to complain about this industry because I am doing my part to help progress us in the right direction.”

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For information on our new team member, Adam Tresidder, visit our About page.

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